Theodore Ziras

5 Solo Instrumental releases

Top-selling artist on Guitar9 charts

Has collaborated with top notch names as Marco MinnemannMike TerranaBrian Tichy (Drums) Derek Sherinian (Ex Dream Theater), Vitalij Kuprij (Keyboards)

More than 6 million Youtube hits

Mentioned as #6 on Guitar World Magazine (July 2008) on the 50 Fastest Guitar Players of all time chart.

“I have played many guitars for the last 25 years. The only guitar that keeps the best balance between playability, tone, feel and appearance is my Verve Custom Guitar. I can easily transform my sound from Rock and Blues to Shred and from crystal clean tones to heavy distorted sounds.”

Angelo Perlepes

Established Neoclassical guitarist songwriter since 1991

4 album releases

One of the most respected Rock guitarists in Greece

Live performing artist with Angelo Perlepes’s Mystery Band

Vintage Strat Collector

Jakob Lyngbo

Danish rock, pop and blues guitarist.

Experienced live -and studio- musician.

“I found Verve Guitars at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt 2017, and I completely fell in love when I tried the Stellar-model. George understood my needs and wishes, and it was a pleasure to follow the building process. When it arrived it was perfect, both in sound and design. I am in love.

I play mainly rock, blues and pop music, and it’s versatile enough to play it all. It has become my number one guitar both live and in the studio. It’s different and yet strangely familiar, which is awesome.”

Alex Despotidis

Rock Musician – Guitar Tutor

“For the very first time I’ve played with Verve guitars, I instantly realized the difference between them and other merchant guitars. I decided to buy a custom guitar from the Exotic series since these guitars match my personal taste of sound and have all the characteristics I want in a instrument. The sound of Verve guitars is homy,warm,true and huge all at the same time. As for the neck, it feels very smooth and comfortable on your hands which offers you an intimate feeling.”

Manos Markopoulos

Session Bassist

Verve Custom Bass user

“My Verve bass is easily the best bass in my collection. It encompasses all I ever wanted in a bass: It has stunning vintage looks, versatile tone and incomparable organic play-feel. The mahogany body delivers a great amount of volume, resonance and response while the single coil hum-cancellling circuit pulls out a wide spectrum of modern J-Bass tones and a unique low-end growl. The hand-built craftmanship of this instrument is also unparalleled. All the little details are carefully accommodated to make a standout instrument!”

Kostandinos Paraskevas

“As a student of Creative Musicianship at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London, I have to master a wide variety of genres, so the versatility of my Verve Custom is important. Its hand-wound pickups deliver amazing tone fit for any style of playing, whether it is a clean funky Strat, or a screaming humbucker equipped Les Paul. Its one piece body delivers strong and sturdy tone and harmonics, while its “fast” neck makes shredding feel a million times easier. All over, it’s an amazing instrument fit for any situation.”

Kostas Mauros

Rock Musician

“My guitar is constructed by one piece red alder, one piece maple neck and it has original floyd rose. The Pickups are Seymour Duncan, jb in the bridge position and jazz in the neck position with the middle positions being able to cover most of music genders.

As every Verve guitar, it has excellent quality and carefully chosen woods that give the guitar vibration, making you feel the guitar is breathing while you play!

It has a very full and warm sound but also the necessary definition to keep the same sound during the mix! A fact that is intriguing for every guitar player! The neck is fast and smooth! The best guitar I ‘ve ever hold in my hands! My next one will be again a custom verve guitar for sure!”

Nick Kodonas

Recording Artist

Dna Band

Won scholarship for the Berklee College of Music (USA)

Andy Batho


Verve Custom user